spaCy tailored pipelines

Get a custom spaCy pipelineTailor-made for your NLP problem by spaCy's core developers

🔥 Streamlined

Nobody knows spaCy better than we do. Send us your pipeline requirements and we'll be ready to start producing your solution in no time at all.

🐿 Production ready

spaCy pipelines are robust and easy to deploy. You'll get a complete spaCy project folder which is ready tospacy project run

🔮 Predictable

You'll know exactly what you're going to get and what it's going to cost. We quote fees up-front, let you try before you buy, and don't charge for over-runs at our end — all the risk is on us.

🛠 Maintainable

spaCy is an industry standard, and we'll deliver your pipeline with full code, data, tests and documentation, so your team can retrain, update and extend the solution as your requirements change.

How it works

You fill out the form. It will tell us almost everything we need to know, and can help you figure out whether a spaCy tailored pipeline is right for you. We're happy to sign an NDA after you fill in the form, if needed.
We meet on a call. We'll ask you more about your project, and tell you more about our process.
We send you a quote and the development agreement.
You sign the agreement and pay a 15% deposit for work to start.
We build the pipeline and host the final solution behind an API for you to try.
You test the API and decide whether it solves your problem.
If you like the solution, pay the balance and we'll send you the pipeline with all code and data.
Support is free for the first two weeks, with extended support available.

Our team

We're ready to help and excited to learn about your project

  • Ines Montani

    Ines Montani CEO, Founder

  • Matthew Honnibal

    Matthew Honnibal CTO, Founder

  • Sofie Van Landeghem

    Sofie Van Landeghem Machine Learning Engineer, spaCy Lead

  • Adriane Boyd

    Adriane Boyd Machine Learning Engineer

  • Daniël de Kok

    Daniël de Kok Machine Learning Engineer

  • Madeesh Kannan

    Madeesh Kannan Machine Learning Engineer

  • Raphael Mitsch

    Raphael Mitsch Machine Learning Engineer

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