Custom Solutions

Help with your NLP problems from spaCy's core developers

  • Investigate NLP feasibility for your use case
  • Develop and refine annotation and evaluation strategies
  • Scale and deploy your existing pipelines
  • Custom pipeline components specific to your use case
  • End-to-end machine learning research and development
  • Scaleable workflows for continued development

Our team

We're ready to help and excited to learn about your project

  • Ines Montani

    Ines Montani CEO, Founder

  • Matthew Honnibal

    Matthew Honnibal CTO, Founder

  • Sofie Van Landeghem

    Sofie Van Landeghem Machine Learning Engineer, spaCy Lead

  • Adriane Boyd

    Adriane Boyd Machine Learning Engineer

  • Madeesh Kannan

    Madeesh Kannan Machine Learning Engineer

  • Raphael Mitsch

    Raphael Mitsch Machine Learning Engineer

  • Kabir Khan

    Kabir Khan Machine Learning Engineer

  • Magdalena Anioł

    Magdalena Anioł Machine Learning Engineer, Prodigy Lead