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🕵️ Data Strategy

Data quality can make or break a machine learning project. Work with our data experts to develop an effective process—whether that's active learning, weak supervision, or just the confidence you're collecting and annotating the right data. We can help with error analysis, continuous evaluation systems, performance metric choices, dataset auditing, and other important evaluation decisions.

👩‍💻 Code Review

Have spaCy core developers review your existing code to help ensure your model is as accurate, efficient and maintainable as you need it to be. We'll review your existing code and provide practical suggestions to make future modification easier, get your code production-ready and better take advantage of all of spaCy's functionality.

🔩 NLP Pipeline Design

Most NLP pipelines aren't just a single model, but a collection of modular components that perform different tasks. We can help by developing and configuring custom components for your pipeline—incorporating best practices and helpful pipeline design patterns that work for the task at hand.

📋 Annotation Coaching

Data annotation campaigns can be complex and require significant expertise to avoid common pitfalls. Our annotation coaches can help you meet your data quality goals and avoid annotation biases. We believe useful data results from consistent annotation workflows, guidelines and best practices that deliver a great user experience for annotators.

How it works

You fill out the form. It will tell us almost everything we need to know in order to scope a project and help us understand your problem and use case. We're happy to sign an NDA after you fill in the form, if needed.
We meet on a call. We'll ask you more about your project, and tell you more about our process.
We send you a proposal for a project including a quote and timeline. Pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
We execute the project and deliver the work.
Payment is due on delivery.

Our team

We're ready to help and excited to learn about your project

  • Ines Montani

    Ines Montani CEO, Founder

  • Matthew Honnibal

    Matthew Honnibal CTO, Founder

  • Sofie Van Landeghem

    Sofie Van Landeghem Machine Learning Engineer, spaCy Lead

  • Adriane Boyd

    Adriane Boyd Machine Learning Engineer

  • Daniël de Kok

    Daniël de Kok Machine Learning Engineer

  • Madeesh Kannan

    Madeesh Kannan Machine Learning Engineer

  • Raphael Mitsch

    Raphael Mitsch Machine Learning Engineer

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