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Introducing spaCy Tailored Pipelines

Explosion is pleased to announce a new development services offering, spaCy Tailored Pipelines. We’ll build you a custom natural language processing pipeline, delivered in a standardized format using spaCy’s projects system.

spaCy Tailored Pipelines is a consulting service, but we want it to feel like buying a tailored product. You’ll always get a price upfront, and you’ll get to try the solution before you buy it. Projects will be designed to be handed over to your development team, with as little custom code to maintain as possible.

spaCy’s mission is “Industrial-strength NLP”, and spaCy Tailored Pipelines gets to the heart of that. We started planning this offering last year, and it’s one of the main reasons we’ve been expanding the spaCy team. spaCy Tailored Pipelines gives the spaCy development team a steady stream of real-world problems to solve using our own open-source software. Academic benchmarks generally don’t capture these aspects of applied NLP very well, so we need real-world problems to make spaCy better. To us, this means combining machine learning and rule-based techniques, or finding the right way to decompose a problem so that less training data is required and the behavior is easier to control.

Key features of spaCy Tailored Pipelines

🔥 Streamlined. Nobody knows spaCy better than we do. Send us your pipeline requirements and we’ll be ready to start producing your solution in no time at all.

🐿 Production ready. spaCy pipelines are robust and easy to deploy. You’ll get a complete spaCy project folder which is ready to spacy project run.

🔮 Predictable. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to get and what it’s going to cost. We quote fees up-front, let you try before you buy, and don’t charge for over-runs at our end — all the risk is on us.

🛠 Maintainable. spaCy is an industry standard, and we’ll deliver your pipeline with full code, data, tests and documentation, so your team can retrain, update and extend the solution as your requirements change.

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